Advertising, Social Media, Wedding Shows, Networking – do you ever feel like you’re taking all of your available resources and efforts, and throwing them against the wall, hoping to see what sticks?

Stop pouring money into campaigns that yield more bills than business. Whether you are new to the industry, or a seasoned wedding professional, OFD Consulting can focus your wedding marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Our approach to marketing is more economical, and much more accessible than hiring a full-time marketing associate, yet just as effective. Our team of experts skillfully handles your networking strategy, branding, partnership marketing, copy writing, social media, advertising, and media placement. We generally begin with a 2-3 month coaching package during which we evaluate your current marketing values, as well as your business goals, and develop a game plan for the future. After the initial coaching period, we can customize a retainer program to help keep you on task. You never feel alone in your wedding marketing efforts with OFD Consulting by your side.


Your brand is the heart of your business and it’s our goal to make sure your target audience perceives you the way you want to be seen.

Wedding Marketing Analysis

Where are you focusing your advertising dollars and marketing time right now? Does your money and time investment yield the results you’re looking for?

Wedding Marketing Planning

If you’re ready for big changes, this service will help you approach your transformation analytically, enabling you to map and measure success.

Bridal Shows

OFD Consulting specializes in Bridal Show Marketing. During our consultations we’ll take you step-by-step through the processes and procedures that ensure success at these popular industry events.